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Liquid Plate Sealer®

Stabilizer for coated antibodies and antigens on polystyrene- or glass-surfaces

After immobilization of the antibodies/antigens and blocking, Liquid Plate Sealer® seals the plates with a uniform stabilizing layer demonstrating good solubility and without affecting the assay afterwards.

It can also be used for stabilizing antibodies and antigens after coating on polystyrene- or glass surfaces for protein arrays. Plates treated with Liquid Plate Sealer® can be stored for long periods after drying.

Allows long-term storage of coated plates under dry conditions even at room temperature.

The recommended optimum storage temperature is 2 – 8°C. But most stabilized plates can also be stored dry at ambient temperature for many months without loss in activity.

Liquid Plate Sealer® can be used for stabilizing coated ELISA plates, immunochromatographic test strips (lateral flow assays), affinity chromatography columns, protein arrays and for similar applications. It is used as a coating stabilizer for industrial ELISA kit production.

For general laboratory use

For veterinary diagnostics, Liquid Plate Sealer® is also available as Liquid Plate Sealer® animal-free. This product is without any animal derived components.

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Available package sizes:

Liquid Plate Sealer® 50 mL

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Liquid Plate Sealer® 125 mL

order number 160 125

Liquid Plate Sealer® 500 mL

order number 160 500

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