CANDOR - The ELISA Experts

CANDOR is an internationally oriented enterprise which develops, produces and distributes premium solutions for immunoassays.
The portfolio comprises HAMA and interference blockers, Stabilizers, Blockers and other high quality Buffer Solutions.
All CANDOR products are manufactured in the own plant in Wangen, Germany. We set a high value on product quality “Made in Germany”.

Our intensive service also includes reliable, informed and individual care of customer requests concerning immunoassays. Please feel free to contact us. 

Data & facts:

  • Year of foundation: 2004
  • Portfolio of more than 50 different products
  • Over 1000 customers
  • Customers in more than 50 countries
  • Over 40 sales partners in more than 20 countries 

CANDOR developed a solution to overcome these problems of interference. This innovative solution enables for reliable and reproducible assays even in critical matrices.It has been introduced in laboratories worldwide with great success. CANDOR calls this solution LowCross-Buffer as it “lowers cross-reactivities” and reduces other interference like matrix effects. Nowadays scientists worldwide can trust in the results of their assay by using LowCross-Buffer routinely.

Additional solutions to further enhance reliability, sensitivity and reproducibility of immunoassays have been developed since this time. Today CANDOR supplies more than 50 high-quality solutions for immunoassays to research and development laboratories as well as to manufacturers of routine testing kits for human, veterinary, food and environmental diagnostics. 

For challenging assays or analytes CANDOR develops and produces assay-specific solutions to enable premium results for each specific application.

Carbon neutrality

The Production at CANDOR Bioscience is carried out carbon neutral. Since 2010, CANDOR is solely supplied with green electricity from the EWS (Electric utility Schönau), which is produced completely without fossil fuels or nuclear energy. In 2019, CANDOR installed a photovoltaic system with a nameplate capacity of 21.45 kWp. All areas of the company were optimized according to highest energy efficiency and the electric lighting was completely switched to LED illumination. This minimizes the energy consumption and the overall costs.
In 2014, the gas heating of the CANDOR building was replaced by an efficient electric driven heat pump. This again reduced the energy demand drastically. All taken measures lead to the situation that the energy for the production and the offices as well as the power consumption for the heating are completely covered by green electricity.



engine - the biomarker company is your reliable partner for discovering your biomarker for diagnostics and therapy.
With our protein arrays we screen your sample for interactions with > 10,000 human antigens. In this way, you will obtain your results much faster than with standard methods and benefit from a maximum outcome.
Our protein arrays are part of more than 100 publications to date and have been developed on the basis of more than 15 years of intensive research.

PROGEN - Making life science better. Together.

PROGEN was founded in 1983 by four scientists from Heidelberg, Germany, who joined forces to manufacture and supply high quality antibodies for biomedical research.

We help scientists worldwide drive biopharmaceutical and diagnostic progress to provide high-quality and reliable treatments for patients. Our mission is to make new therapies safe and affordable and to improve existing research processes.

The PROGEN team consists of bioscientists and adeno-associated virus (AAV) experts who collaborate with specialists around the world. Our products are essentials for research in science and industry.

We are more than just a manufacturer of antibodies, AAV gene therapy tools, density gradient media, and phage display technologies: We strive to understand the needs of scientists to develop solutions to jointly address challenges in academic research, biotechnology and pharma.

trenzyme GmbH is a privately owned German Contract Research Organization (CRO) offering a wide range of highly customized services in cell line development and recombinant protein production. Since 2000, trenzyme has been a valued research partner of national and international clients, ranging from academia and small biotechs to big pharmaceutical companies.