Animal-free and protein-free blocker for plastic surfaces (e.g. microtiter plates)

PlateBlock™ is a blocker that does not contain any protein components and is produced without any raw materials of animal origin. This blocker is optimized for serological assays (antigen-down-assays).

For this assay format it is essential that the blocking does not cover the epitope of the capture antigen and that the detector antibody does not cross react with the blocking surface.

In addition, some serum and plasma specimens from patients tend to detach single molecules from the dense blocking layer and replace them with other molecules, mostly antibodies of the patients. This results in high background levels if the specimen is not highly diluted. (Antibodies in low concentration could not be detected if the dilution of the sample is too high). Additionally, cross-linking between blocking and detector antibodies can be initiated by serum proteins.

PlateBlock™ is optimized to effectively prevent these kinds of substitution and background effects.

For general laboratory use

Available packaging sizes:

PlateBlock™ 125 mL

order number 112 125

PlateBlock™ 500 mL

order number 112 500

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