Diluent for long-term storage of alkaline phosphatase conjugates

AP-Protector® is a long-term stabilizer for alkaline phosphatase (AP) coupled to antibodies or Neutravidin/Streptavidin. AP-Protector® can give peroxidase conjugates the crucial long-term stability over several years even when stored in low concentrated ready-to-use dilutions. AP-Protector® can be used directly as an assay buffer for incubating the AP-conjugates.
Typical ready-to-use concentrations for detection are between 100-1000 ng/mL.

For general laboratory use

Available package sizes:

AP-Protector® 50 mL

order number 235 050

AP-Protector® 125 mL

order number 235 125

AP-Protector® 500 mL

order number 235 500

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