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Assay diluent for long-term storage of HRP conjugates and for minimizing nonspecific binding, cross- reactivities and matrix effects in immunoassays

HRP gives peroxidase-antibody conjugates the crucial long-term stability over several years even in a ready-to-use dilution. You will be positively surprised about the enhanced long-term stability of your antibody-peroxidase-conjugates.

LowCross-Buffer® stands for superior reliability by antagonising assay interferences.

The efficient HAMA blocking activity of LowCross-Buffer® now also includes superior HRP-stabilization components.
The result is an assay diluent for peroxidase conjugates with high reliability and convenience due to ready-to-use dilution.

For general laboratory use

Available package sizes:

LowCross-HRP® 50 mL

order number 200 050

LowCross-HRP® 125 mL

order number 200 125

LowCross-HRP® 500 mL

order number 200 500

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