LowCross® HRP-Stab

Assay diluent for long-term storage of HRP conjugates and for minimizing nonspecific binding, cross-reactivities and matrix effects in immunoassays.

LowCross® stands for superior reliability by neutralizing assay interferences including HAMA-derived ones. The LowCross-effect minimizes matrix effects, cross-reactivities and nonspecific binding. Thus several washing steps like in sequential assays are not necessary and one-step-incubation protocols without multiple washing can be done by using this assay diluent.

HRP-Stab gives peroxidase-antibody conjugates the crucial long-term stability over several years, even when stored as a ready-to-use solution.

The result is an assay diluent and storage buffer for peroxidase conjugates in one solution with high reliability and convenience due to ready-to-use dilution.

The former formulation (LowCross-HRP®) is still available.
Order number 200 050 (50 mL), order number 200 125 (125 mL) and order number 200 500 (500 mL).

For research use only, not for diagnostic use

Available packaging sizes:

LowCross® HRP-Stab 50 mL

order number 270 050

LowCross® HRP-Stab 125 mL

order number 270 125

LowCross® HRP-Stab 500 mL

order number 270 500

If you are interested in larger quantities, please contact us for a quote.

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