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Buffer Solutions

CANDOR Buffer Solutions comprise convenient ready-to-use or 10× concentrated buffer solutions for easy and fast working with immunoassays. All of these solutions are manufactured in our own facility, which is certified according to current DIN EN ISO 9001 standards. This includes e.g. inprocess-controls, batch testing and traceability of every component of the solutions. Therefore all products can be used directly in regulated areas like GLP laboratories (good laboratorypractice) or for diagnostics kit production. The quality from lot to lot is always the same and conforms to highest requirements.

Sample Buffer

Sample and antibody dilution buffer for immunoassays.

Washing Buffer 10x

Wash Buffer for immunoassays. Available as TRIS or PBS buffer.


Coating Buffer 10x

Buffer for adsorptive immobilization of proteins and antibodies on surfaces.

Stripping Buffer

Buffer for stripping antibodies from membranes for multiple reprobing.