Stripping Buffer CANDOR

Stripping Buffer

Buffer for stripping antibodies from membranes for multiple reprobing

Stripping buffer removes reaction solution and primary and secondary antibodies from Western blotting membranes.
After stripping the membrane can be used for repeated detection (reprobing) with antibodies.

Stripping Buffer does not contain mercapto-ethanol nor DTT.

For research use only, not for diagnostic use

Available package sizes:

Stripping Buffer 50 mL

order number 150 050

Stripping Buffer 125 mL

order number 150 125

Stripping Buffer 500 mL

order number 150 500

This white paper describes how to avoid false-positives in CoViD-19 antibody ELISA testing by using appropriate solutions.

PlateBlock™ is an animal-free and protein-free blocker for plastic surfaces (e.g. microtiter plates)
This blocker is optimized for serological assays (antigen-down-assays).


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