Immunoassay stabilizers are needed to preserve the native conformation of proteins and to protect them from losing their functionality. Stabilizers for immunoassays allow long-term storage of antibodies, conjugates (e.g. HRP-labeled or AP-labeled) and antigens in solutions as well as coated onto surfaces like microtiter plates or others. CANDOR offers stabilizers to protect proteins, antibodies and conjugates in solution as well as stabilizers for antibodies coated on surfaces. The portfolio ranges from Antibody Stabilizer over HRP-Protector™, AP-Protector®, LowCross® HRP-Stab to Liquid Plate Sealer®.
To always get the same reliable results in immunoassays, it is essential to preserve standards for calibration curves, coated plates and antibodies during storage. CANDOR stabilizers can be used for preserving activity of all biological components of an immunoassay. CANDOR stabilizers are routinely used for production of commercial ELISA kits with shelf lives of 2 or more years.

We offer following Stabilizers:

Liquid Plate Sealer®

Stabilizer for coated antibodies and antigens on polystyrene- or glass-surfaces.

Antibody Stabilizer

Stabilizer for long-term storage of proteins/antibodies at 2-8°C.


Diluent for long-term storage of HRP conjugates.

LowCross® HRP-Stab

Diluent for long-term storage of HRP conjugates and for minimizing nonspecific binding.




Diluent for long-term storage of alkaline phosphatase conjugates