Sample Buffer CANDOR

Sample Buffer

Sample and antibody dilution buffer for immunoassays

Sample Buffer is designed for trouble free assays without interference.
If you have background or false-positives – for example derived from cross-reactivities or matrix effects – we recommend using LowCross-Buffer®.

For research use only, not for diagnostic use

Available package sizes:

Sample Buffer 50 mL

order number 105 050

Sample Buffer 125 mL

order number 105 125

Sample Buffer 500 mL

order number 105 500

This white paper describes how to avoid false-positives in CoViD-19 antibody ELISA testing by using appropriate solutions.

PlateBlock™ is an animal-free and protein-free blocker for plastic surfaces (e.g. microtiter plates)
This blocker is optimized for serological assays (antigen-down-assays).


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