LowCross® HRP-Stab

LowCross® HRP-Stab is a new assay diluent for long-term storage of HRP conjugates and for minimizing nonspecific binding, cross-reactivities and matrix effects in immunoassays.

LowCross® stands for superior reliability by neutralizing assay interferences e.g. derived from HAMAs (Human anti-mouse antibodies) or rheumatoid factors. The LowCross-effect minimizes matrix effects, cross-reactivities and nonspecific binding.
The additional stabilizing properties of this buffer allow long-term storage of peroxidase conjugates even in ready-to-use concentrations.
The result is an assay diluent and storage buffer for peroxidase conjugates in one solution with high reliability and convenience due to ready-to-use dilution.
LowCross® HRP-Stab is ready-to-use and available in bottle sizes of 50 mL, 125 mL and 500 mL.
LowCross® HRP-Stab is applicable for research kits and for commercial ELISA kit production. More information

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